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From an early age, I’ve had a passion for art. I can always remember being the quiet introvert kid, who would spend his time drawing in his room rather than out playing sports. Continuously inspired by the countless tattoo magazines we had around the house and multiple visits to different studios throughout my youth with my father as he got tattooed, the dream of becoming a tattoo artist began. Concentrating my studies on art and art history, I never had it in my mind that I would be anything other than a tattooist. In early 2012 I moved to Melbourne, with a trial by fire introduction to the industry. I focused on developing my art and after learning a variety of different styles I started to focus on taking all I had learned throughout my studies and tattooing and combining it all together.


I am inspired by all things nature and mythological, using my love for this as the subject matter and focus of my work. I enjoy creating tattoos that incorporate animals/ florals/ decorative elements and a little bit of the macabre.


I love working from my small private studio dedicated to making a comfortable and inclusive space for everyone; I am based in Melbourne City, Australia.

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